Educator. Entrepreneur. Evangelist.

Beatrice Perkins is a branding and marketing powerhouse with over a decade of creating and supporting the brand experience. As an entrepreneur she launched the agency Brand Excitement in 2010, quickly winning awards and media attention. From there she became a sought after speaker and mentor across the tri-state area and recently she introduced the FIT-ID Score, helping brands evaluate what it takes to go From Invisible To In Demand.

Beatrice’s consulting and speaking engagements includes a range of clients, including The College Board, the New York Times, the Ellevate Network, Rising Tide Capital, New York University, Score NYC and others.

Personally she has beat the odds and raised the stakes numerous times in life and business and has a story that will bring you to tears and make you cheer. From humble beginnings she’s displayed a resilience and resolve worthy of movie scripts and her relatability has no bounds.

Media mentions, features and exposure include Forbes Magazine, The Oprah Magazine, Inc Magazine, Fox News,, newspapers and radio and organization and institutions across the United States.

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